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We are your Go-To if you’re seeking personalised dental care services at a supreme quality!

Our team members are well qualified to provide all the dental services you’re looking for.


In our mindset is our persistent need to change the general conception of Dental Clinics. Comfortable atmosphere, cozy place, friendly staff, dental care provided at the highest quality is what we have to offer you.


Confidental House dental clinics has specific goals to expand and progess to serve  its patients
maintaining highest efficiency and personalised care to each patient is a trademark we’re keen on keeping.


“to succeed in your mission , you must have  devotion to your goal”. We seek supreme dental care to each of our patients where we see no alternatives to patient satisfaction in terms of quality and comfort.

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    Our Services


    cosmetics is the ART of making your teeth healthier and prettier


    Metal, Ceramic and Clear aligners; Your teeth will be prettier.

    Dental Implant

    implant is the longlasting choice for missing teeth replacement.


    Surgeries are carried out by professional surgeons in well equipped sterile rooms

    Root Canal Treatment

    With the recent techs our RCT is Speedy, Efficient, Painless and preserve your tooth!


    Get your children's teeth treated the way they deserve.
    Joyful and Pain-free!

    Meet the Team

    Dr Ahmed Samir

    implantologist & Cosmatic dentist.

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    Dr Osama Al Topgy

    Orthodontist & Restorative dentist.

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    Dr. Abdlrhman Salah
    Restorative dentist

    Endodontist & Restorative dentist.

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    Tips & Hints

    educating our patients and raising there dental awareness is somthhing we care about.

    may be simple tips help you take a better decisions.

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