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  • Dental Air Abrasion Unit


    AquaCare is a combined dental air abrasion & air polishing device.
    Enabling contact-free, minimally invasive dentistry, making routine dental procedures painless for patients.
  • Dental Microscope

    Zumax Microscope

    Dental Microscope Zumax dental microscopes are used by more dentists around the world.

    Magnification using a microscope gives professionals like you the opportunity to offer a higher standard of care in dentistry. 

  • IntraOral Scanner

    Aoralscan 3

    The Aoralscan 3 is suitable for various clinical scenarios including acquiring scan bodies and periodontal scans.

  • Dental Laser

    D-Laser DTE

    Innvovative Three Wavelengths

    Blue Semiconductor Laser Therapy Device

    Wide scope of application

    Can be used for the fields of dental soft tissue surgery, endodontic disease, periodontal disease, pain treatment, soft laser therapy, etc...

    Latest technology and materials we are use

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