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what is hollywood smile?

hollywood smile means creating a perfect smile so that the teeth and gum are harmonic in shape and shade

how do you make hollywood smile?

hollywood smile or smile makeover can be achieved by simple touches only in gum -which plays a huge role in outlining the teeth- either in shade or shape
or adjusting the teeth as well by emax veneers  or even composite veneers.

what are emax veneers?

dental veneers have different manufacturer and the most widely spread one is EMAX veneers are very thin layer of porcelain – 0.2 to 0.5 ml – that covers the outer surface of the teeth after changing the shape , size and color according to the smile analysis
that have been done

what is the difference between whitening” bleaching” and veneers?

whitening is procedure that alter the shade of the teeth to be whiter using specific gel and the result lasts not more than a year so it is a temporary effect
while veneers are a permanent effect lasts more than 10 years and can change the shape , size and color of the desired teeth

how do you decide the number of veneers to made?

after data collection from the patient like photos ,smile width , gum display, skin face color, and other data ; we can analyse all of them and decide whati s the best number starting from 2 teeth up to 10 teeth also will decide both arches or only one arch also the shape , size and color of the desired teeth.

do you drill the teeth to receive the veneer?

the dental veneer should not exceed 0.5 ml in thickness  to get a perfect veneer shape and color and get the optimum translucent effect of the veneer and this indicates just roughening the surface of the teeth notdrilling it and thats why the main advantage of the veneer is that it does not affect the strength of the tooth 

how much does the veneer cost?

it costs 4000 per tooth including all photos taken , smile analysis on a specific software.

what are cases indicated for veneers?

most of the cases are indicated for veneers and the main advantage of the veneers is altering the shape and size and color so it is highly indicated in simple crowding teeth , also in closing spaces between teeth , used to cover discolored teeth , covering decayed teeth after decay removal .

we can start making veneers from 18 years old.

what is lumineers?

they are type of veneers that are very thin -0.1ml- and are cemented to the tooth structure with very simple roughening for outer surface of the tooth

what is teeth bleaching?

bleaching is altering the teeth color to be brighter using specific gel material and activated by specific light source

how bleaching is done?

putting specific gel on outer surface of teeth for 10 minutes  to 20 minutes and activated by light source like laser or blue LED lamp and this step can be done up to three times per session to get the optimum effect 

what are types of bleaching?

there is in office bleaching that is done inside the dental office and there is home bleaching that is done at home

what is the difference between home and office bleaching?

they differ mainly in the type of the gel to be used also differs in the time of application taken and the home bleaching requires a custom made tray fabricated in the dental office first and then the dentist guide the patient how to use it

what is bollywood smile?

bollywood smile is the other side of a coin for hollywood smile by using composite material to veneer the tooth instead of using porcelain veneer

what is composite veneer?

veneering the outer surface of the desired teeth using composite restoration that is done directly in patients mouth without getting any impressions for the teeth and without laboratory step.

what is better porcelain veneer or composite veneer?

both of them gives the good shape , size and color however the EMAX porcelain veneers are more natural due to its translucency which cannot be achieved 100% in composite veneer also the EMAX porcelain veneer color is not affected while the composite veneer needs more precautions as it can be stained by time.

why composite veneers still present although it is not like porcolain veneers?

because it is still in demand by patients cause it gives a good shape and color as we mentioned before and also it costs much more lesser  than the porcelain veneers

how mush does it cost the composite veneer?

it is for 2500 egyptian pound per tooth

does the gum shape and color affect the smile?

yes sure and that’s why it is called pink aesthetics cause the gym , teeth and lips should be in harmony

how does the gum affects my smile?

if the gum is swollen due to inflammation or other cause it will mask the actuall length of the teeth and seems to be short , the color of the gym should be pink so if the gum is red in color due to inflammation or brown to black in color cause it is pigmented it might also affect the tooth color 

how do I get my gum hygienic?

simple daily routines like brushing , mouth washing and flossing
routine checkup every 3 to 6 months maximum  at the dentist for calculus removal
if the issue persists ,the dentist can intervene using the laser device or surgical  to recontour the gum and get back the shape , color of the gum to its normal appearance.

how do you remove the gum pigmentation?

using the laser device in depigmentation in less than an hour without any pain with an instant result

what are implants?

implants are titanium structure that substitute the root of the tooth  that has been removed or missed

is the implant a temporary solution ?

implant is a permanent solution for missing or extracted tooth\teeth 

are the implants a foreign bodies that our body can reject?

implants are titanium structure totally compatible with our bodies for example artificial joints are made from the same material and are widely spread for decades

how dental implant performed?

stage 1: implant placement
stage 2  uncover the implant and add the suprastructure piece which receives the crown

according to the american academy of implant dentistry AAIDI the recommended age for implant is 18 years old without maximum 

how much does the implant cost?

implant cost starts from 7000 egyptian pound

can we make a full jaw implants?

implants can be made for single tooth up to full jaw

what are the number of implants to be put for all jaw?

we can put 6,8,10 implants in upper jaw to compensate the type of bone which is soft and we can put 4,6 implants in lower jaw cause the type of bone is hard .

what is the difference between putting a single implant or making a bridge?

compensating a single tooth loss with implant is much more better cause in dental bridge we have to reduce both teeth adjacent to the missed area which might affect the strength of those teeth whilst dental implant we just deal with the lost area without touching intact adjacent teeth 

what is the difference between making implants in egypt and abroad?

implant procedures depends on skillful hands, latest equipments and reasonable pricing and all of these are available without expert implantologist who has made more than 4000 implant using latest technologies with competitive price compared to other currencies 

how much does it cost the crown over the implant?

the crown made of zirconia or emax which are high strength material with optimum esthetics and its price ranges from 4000 to 5500

what is orthodontics?

ortho is a procedure that we take against the teeth to re-align them and put them in good occlusion

what re the best age for ortho?

starting ortho from younger age

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