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Sexologists expose 8 myths about sex

Sexual customers often talk about their ideas about sex. Many of these ideas are incorrect and can harm. We asked specialists to comment on myths and errors.

Myth 1: Men should be ready for sex always and everywhere

Men are not always ready for sex. A man can get tired, worry, worry. Perhaps he needs to understand his feelings, including the partner. When he gets older, he needs more direct stimulation of the penis before and during intercourse.

Women should remember that sex should give pleasure to both partners. Ask the man what excites him, and do what he wants, actively and enthusiastically.

Myth 2: Sex without orgasm is not sex

Sex is not limited to ordinary sexual intercourse, which ends with orgasm. If you think so, it’s time to look at it more creatively and realistically.

Sex is kisses, hugs, sensual massage. And oral and anal stimulation, and caresses with your hands, and mutual masturbation. “Dirty” conversations, joint reading of erotic stories or watching porn, role -playing games and an exchange of fantasies. Expand your ideas, stop limit yourself and get more pleasure from intimate relationships.

Myth 3: Only women with an impeccable body can enjoy sex

Mass culture inspires the idea that only the most beautiful and attractive women can enjoy sex. Men usually do not notice the physical “shortcomings” of women. At that moment, there is only one thought in their head: “My God, a naked woman next to me!»It doesn’t matter how you look if you love your body, it will like it.

For this, it may be necessary to learn how to value your uniqueness and originality. When a woman begins to consider her imperfections as charming features, she learns to love herself, which, in turn, allows you to learn to love others.

Myth 4: betrayal occur because something is missing in the relationship

Sometimes this happens, but this is only one of the reasons. Many, being happy in relations with a permanent partner, make novels on the side, because there is a “successful” opportunity, that is, it seems that you can change easily and with a minimum risk.

Some are impulsive by nature. Even the goods in the supermarket are placed with the expectation of them: ordinary goods are in the usual places, and closer to the cash desks is what they buy spontaneously.

Myth 5: Women are easy for women to test vaginal orgasm

Many are still sure that women can easily experience a vaginal orgasm. Most of this requires the stimulation of the clitoris. This information is shocking many people, even doctors come across them.

This myth is harmful to relationships. The woman is unsatisfied, and it seems to the man that he is incomplete in something. With spontaneous sex without preliminary caresses and additional stimulation, women rarely reach orgasm.

Myth 6: Sex at the beginning of the relationship should be dizzying

Many are convinced of this. This happens occasionally, but more often sex can be just normal or good. Most to achieve sexual harmony take time. For proximity, you need to better find out a partner in psychological terms and sexual. When you find yourself in bed with a new partner, you do not know anything about his or her preferences and do not know how sexually you are sexually compatible.

In addition, you are nervous, expectations are

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crushed by you. Ask at the beginning of the acquaintance the question: “Do I want to see this person again?”If everything went perfectly from the very beginning, you would have nowhere to grow like a couple. Joint growth and development brings together partners.

Myth 7: If you have to use artificial lubricant, then a woman is not excited

Artificial lubrication, although many do not like it, can be very useful. A sufficient amount of natural lubrication is not always excited in a woman. The excitement first manifests itself at the psychological level, and not at the physical, in these cases a small amount of lubrication may be by the way.

Myth 8: If the sexual needs of partners do not coincide, the relationship is doomed

The most common problem is the mismatch of sexual needs, that is, one of the partners of sex I want more often than the second. There is no pair in which relations continue for a long time and partners want sex equally often. Therefore, a different level does not mean at all that relations are hopeless.

It is important to discuss with a partner how often you want to make love, to admit that he may have other needs. If your sexual desires are radically different, you should seek help from a professional who will help to develop a compromise.

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